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Judging Criteria

  • To what extent does the proposal portray lifestyles where both humans and planet thrive?

There is a different way of living which means we no longer cause harm to our planet – and it happens to be a way of living that will make us much happier as people. This positive story is rarely told – and never before has it been the subject of a mass media story. The key criteria is whether the film content shows an alternative and sustainable way of living that is attractive and something we would want for ourselves.


  •  How human, compelling and broadly relatable is the story to a 16-34 year old age group?

It is important that the story appeals to a mass audience, not just one interested in environmental issues or futurescaping. The way we relate to the characters featured in story will have a crucial role to play. The concept should be attractive to a broadcaster aiming to reach the 16-34 age group so please explain why you think this audience will particularly relate to it.


  •  What potential does the story have to energise and provoke conversation about how our current ways of living are unsustainable and give its audience ideas about what they could change?

The story must be able to have cultural cut-through, feel new and innovative, and importantly provoke emotional responses that get people talking and thinking about what this means for the way they live their life.


  •  How clear is the proposal about the setting of the concept in terms of time and the state our planet is in?

Is the story set in an alternative present? An alternative past? Or a potential future? The entrant must be able to explain why the timeframe chosen helps them to meet the above criteria and be consistent with latest insights about the impacts of climate change. Our online workshop gives an overview of the sustainability knowledge required to meet this criterion. 


  •  To what extent does the story allow potential for episodic content?

The story must be an idea for an initial pilot short film of no more the 30 minutes, that can be easily developed into further short pieces of rolling content.


  •  How well does the story incorporate diversity of perspective and culture?

We would like all proposals to be relatable to a diverse, english speaking youth audience.