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A competition to inspire a brighter future


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Who can enter

The competition is open to anyone in the UK who is between the ages of 18-29 and interested in filmmaking or content creation. You must be able to work in/from the UK for the next 2 years. Submissions must be in English.


Submission details

Each entrant should submit:


  • A mood board OR short film clip that represents your idea. Film clips can be a trailer, a scene or a ripreel of clips that represent your story idea and should be no longer than 60 seconds. The mood board should be a collection of images and colours that visually represents your story idea.


  • 1-page synopsis explaining how your story addresses each of the competition judging criteria.

See here for more information on how to write a synopsis.


Submissions should be entered on our website.


The key role of the content will be to showcase alternative, sustainable ways of living that are better for us and the planet.

This positive story is rarely told – and never before has it been the subject of a mass media story. The key criteria is whether the film content shows an alternative and sustainable way of living that is something we would want for ourselves. How this is presented within your story world is up to you. It is important that the narrative appeals to a mass audience, not just one interested in environmental issues or future-scaping.


The way we relate to the characters featured in the story will have a crucial role to play. You must create characters memorable not only for their environmental insights but also for their relatability to young audiences. We are looking for narratives that  truly immerse audiences in the characters' world. You should consider how you will use the fundamentals of storytelling to challenge and engage your audience - how do you want them to feel once the credits have rolled? What conversations do you want your story to spark?


It is not a requirement that your story is set in the future; it could be an alternative present, or alternative past, or a potential future but you must be able to explain why the timeframe chosen helps meet the criteria and is consistent with latest insights about propsed sustainability solutions. The underlying sustainability elements must be inherently positive but the story itself can include elements of conflict, challenges and loss.


The intended audience for your content is 16-34 year olds; the generation charged with making change happen. As such, we are looking for contemporary ways to engage with this audience.The initial pilot material that will be created by the competition winner will be up to 30 minutes. Your narrative should have the potential to be developed into episodic content.

We will work with the competition winner to create content that is versatile across platforms (such as streaming services and social media) and deliverable in an interactive, engaging way for young people living in the digital era.

Sustainability knowledge

We don’t expect entrants to have an in-depth knowledge of sustainable insights, but we do expect that you will have either attended a live workshop or completed our online course materials. Global Action Plan and our Expert Panel will support shortlisted entrants to develop the content of their narratives to be in line with current evidence and the latest thinking on future envisioning from the environmental sector.


The winning content will be created using the highest standards of sustainable production and will be certified by the Albert Consortium- the authority on environmental sustainability for film and TV.



Entrants retain the copyright to any script or pitch submitted to the competition.

To enable Global Action Plan to promote shortlisted entries, we will have permission to publish your submitted work for a minimum period of 12 months if your entry is chosen for shortlisting. Your name will always be used to credit your work. 


In order to support the winner through the production process with an appropriate production team and broadcaster, the winner will have the option to negotiate a joint production agreement where £100,000 will be invested in collaboration with Global Action Plan subject to a separate agreement with the winner, Global Action Plan and others (e.g. production team, broadcasters) as necessary.


Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.  


Judging Criteria


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