Sector: Health
Employees: 300+
Location: East London/ ERS Medical Thames Road site


Vehicle emissions create air pollution, which affects the health of the local community. ERS Medical runs the fleet for Barts Health NHS Trust and wanted to reduce their contribution to local air pollution so Global Action Plan (GAP) created Cleaner Fleets, Healthier Streets to tackle the problem.  The initiative was part of the Barts Health Cleaner Air for East London Project.

How we helped

The progamme aimed to get ERS Medical drivers to take three driving tips on board:

BE A SMOOTH OPERATOR – anticipate the road ahead to avoid unneccessary braking and cornering.
TAKE YOUR TIME – gentle acceleration, lower RPM and steady speeds.
DON’T BE AN IDLER – don't leave the engine on when the vehicle is stationary.

But how do you encourage professional drivers to change the way they drive when they've been doing things this way for years? Entice them with games and competition! We held two Cleaner Air Action Days which challenged ERS Medical team members to compete for the title of most efficient driver and gain poll position on our EcoDriving Simulator leader board.

We also created messages that especially appealed to the drivers. Many of the ERS Medical drivers live and work in East London and our surveys showed that ¼ of drivers and their families suffered from asthma, which is caused and worsened by air pollution.  So when we talked to them, we explained the link between air pollution and ill-health and showed them how changing their driving habits could help improve air quality in their local community.

Drivers were enthused by the day with many pledging to a new social norm of helping to  ‘Drive Down Pollution in East London.'  Their commitment was captured with posters which are dotted around the depot. As they take to the road each day, branded vehicle air fresherners and keyrings also remind them of the important role that they play in operating Cleaner Fleets to create Healthier Streets.  


    • 351 ERS Medical staff reached
    • 60 drivers engaged


ERS Medical will review their data regularly, to find out when their drivers are not following our tips. They are also going to incorporate eco-driving into their driver training.