The pressure to create the perfect Christmas leads to many spending money they don’t have on things that end up in the back of a cupboard or in landfill within weeks. Christmas is meant to be a time for giving but giving does not need to be the buying frenzy that Black Friday creates. In fact research shows us that the things that make us happiest are often the things that don’t cost any money at all. Yes, yes we hear you say, but how do I put that under a tree?

This year on Black Friday (24th of November) we are launching Elfless Acts – a free tool that helps people shun the queues and crashing retail sites and get creative to make someone’s Christmas extra special – no elves required!

What is an 'Elfless Act'?

An Elfless Act is something you can’t just buy in a shop. Neither is it something every person and their dog is going to get just because we are told that it's this year’s ‘must have’. An Elfless Act is a creative and personal gift based on what makes us happiest, not material things but instead - time with friends, new skills, exploring the great outdoors and more.

We know how hard it is to come up with an original experience and so our tool guides you through 3 simple steps to select and customise an Act from loads of amazing ideas.

So this Christmas create more fun and less stuff by dreaming up Elfless Acts for your friends, families and even Clive from IT - your work Secret Santa. Gifts that don’t cost the earth or break the bank!