We're incredibly proud of all our Catalysts and what they've achieved since leaving GAP. You can read more about their journeys (and about how the Catalyst programme helped them) below.

Class of 2015 / 16


After his year at GAP, Tom joined the Energy Saving Trust's evaluation team as an Assistant Evaluation Manager. Tom is currently enrolled on a Tropical Forestry MSc course, and hopes to move to Latin America after graduating so he can use his knowledge of sustainability and forestry to support local communities.

"Working at GAP has shown me that there are many paths to take and not one linear way to get into the sustainability sector. I’ve learnt about the role GAP plays in the sustainability sphere and then I’ve been exposed to the diversity of GAP staff."


James now works as a Planning Assistant for Surrey County Council.

"My time at GAP has helped me to better understand myself. I can now recognise areas I need to be aware of in my work going forward, the role at GAP gave me the space to identify them."


During her time at GAP, Hannah continued to freelance write for conservation and environmental websites, and volunteered for The Fox Project. Passionate about protecting wildlife, Hannah continues to do this.

“I’ve been inspired by an office full of people and their unique paths that have brought them together to work for the same cause. I’ve had the space, exposure and coaching to reaffirm my passion for the natural world and writing. I’ve gained confidence through doing and a deepened understanding of the charity sector."


After completing her year at GAP, Clare moved to North Wales to enjoy a quieter, greener lifestyle. She works at a local secondary school as an Administrative Assistant, and is currently trying to learn Welsh!

This year has allowed me to see what opportunities lie ahead through a more focused lens. I am now confident and I have an abundance of skills I can take elsewhere. I’ve gained teamwork experience and explored people’s different communication styles and all of these I can now add to my CV."


Megan left us after 8 months after being offered an exciting opportunity to be a freelance writer.

Megan now lives and works at Embercombe in Devon, an organisation that improves people’s lives and transforms communities.

Class of 2014 / 15


After her year at GAP, Kendal decided that understanding the impact we have on the environment and being a catalyst for change was something she wanted to explore further. She enrolled in University to purse an MA in Environment, politics and globalization. Since completing her Masters, Kendal has rejoined GAP, within the Retail Team, as a Change Coordinator.

“You learn so much – if you have something you want to develop, the support you get and the options are just amazing. There was no time when I wanted to learn something and I couldn’t. I don’t think I could have learnt what I learnt at GAP anywhere else – I hope the other Catalysts have the same experience!


Aaron works as a Customer Advisor for EE in their retail shops. Using the relationship and team building skills he cultivated as a Programme Assistant, to prosper in the role. He has also been and continues to work as an Ambassador for GAP - representing us at events and supporting us with engagement.

“My time at GAP has been eye opening and has given me so much in both skill and self-belief that I now feel really positive about my future. I’ve been through highs and lows and the people at GAP have really supported me through this. I probably didn’t express it as much as I could have done while I was there but I really appreciate the support and the opportunity that GAP has given me.


Using the relationship and networking skills she developed during her Programme Assistant tenure, Zanna secured the position of Commissioner Outreach Assistant. This is a research role with the Business and Sustainable Development Commissions.

I learnt a lot of transferable skills at GAP particularly in being part of a project delivery team, learning to work towards deadlines and understanding how project time is resourced and costed. GAP particularly cares about your career aspirations and tries to support that as much as possible.


Karimm now works as a football coach with young people in and around London. He is able to utilise the skills and experience he gained from the Catalyst Youth programme, to motivate and empower the young people he comes into contact with.


Saaqib now works with a young person’s organisation that delivers learning in diversity and sexual health to schools and communities.

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