Everyone who participates in the three day behavioural change training will be enrolled onto our 12 month mentor programme.

Thank you for all the assistance and advice you have offered me over the past few months. I'm sure that without it I wouldn't have been as confident or successful in my subsequent interviews.

- Guy

Mentoring support is provided by mentors from a range of organisations and are able to offer knowledge and experiences based on their broad spectrum of work and life experiences.

Each mentor is informally interviewed by our Catalyst Programme Manager to ensure they have the appropriate communication skills, commitment and desire to support our young people with their future aims.

You will be specifically paired with a mentor based on their styles, the value they can offer and experiences.

 Thank you so much for all your help in the interview stages it made such a difference. Made me feel more relaxed and prepared which they said they could tell in my interviews :)

– Jess

You will also have access to our LinkedIn group and our Catalyst webpage where GAP shares valuable insights into personal development and career planning.

 I will forever remain very grateful for the one hour interview coaching you gave me in October before my interview with the British Red Cross. Your advice and support were invaluable.

– Jules

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