Those who have completed our three day catalyst course are eligible for one of our 12-month programme assistant positions.

You can expect to be welcomed as a regular member of staff working as a Programme Assistant. This is a varied and hands-on role. The exact programmes that you work on will depend on what projects GAP is delivering throughout the year. We also try to match you to projects based on your individual skills & experience. But you can expect to be involved in some, or possibly all, of the following:

  • Assisting with delivering staff engagement programmes at clients’ sites;
  • Conducting baseline & post-programme surveys of environmental behaviours;
  • Data collection and analysis;
  • Supporting the delivery of social media & communications campaigns;
  • Inputting to the design of new programmes;
  • Managing the logistics for and supporting the delivery of GAP events;
  • Training people in how to reduce their environmental impact;
  • General office administrative and support activities;
  • Supporting internal GAP training and development.

As the Programme Assistant, you will start off in a largely supporting role. However, as your skills, knowledge and confidence develop, expect to find yourself taking on greater responsibility for delivering work to clients and working independently.

Your development is key to us so you will have a three month probation review followed by a half yearly appraisal.

The reviews are an important time for reflection. They will be conducted to give you an opportunity to start considering how your increased knowledge could start to have an impact on your future learning and employability.

To help get the most from your time with us you will be partnered with a Development Coach. Your Coach, along with the Catalyst Programme Manager, will support with your learning programme.

If you are interested in this role, please apply for a place on our free three-day catalyst training course.

For more information on the job and the kind of person we are looking for, please download the job description. 

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