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Pollinator Paths Videos

Over the course of this project we will be adding videos to help you take action in your garden and local area to encourage local pollinators. Check back regularly for the lastest videos.



Poppy Okotcha is a Permaculture Designer & Organic/No-dig Grower onboard @thebigblueboat and in this video she talks to us about:

What pollinators are, how much of our food requires pollination, exploring our symbiotic relationship, examples of pollinators, exploring hover flies, lacewings, solitary bees, moth, emphasising the range of pollinators and need for diversity, how different pollinators need different forage and habitat and much more.

Pollen and Pollinators


Tim Maynard is a Zoologist and Freelance Science Educator. He is a keen Naturalist and has been studying Wild life for over 30 years! He has his very own collection of Reptiles, Amphibians and Bugs in his Mini Zoo. In this video Tim explains why plants need pollinators, and how pollinators like Bees work.



In this video, Sean Hearn, a sustainable beekeeper and grower based in London who has been working with honeybees for over ten years, talks to us about the importance of bees as pollinators.

Plant a windowbox for pollinators


This video shows you how to plant up a windowsill box that will mostly attract very small solitary bees, a few honey bees and the odd bumblebee. This video is presented by Mark Patterson, a beekeeper, ecologist and wild bee recorder. Through his business Apicultural, Mark works with schools, businesses and communities to help pollinators via monitoring, planting and nesting habitat installations.

Build a Bee Hotel


In this video Dan shows you how to make a bee hotel for some of the 250 species of solitary bees in the UK. You can make it out of an old block of wood, and then hang it in your garden. Dan runs @ecoexistUK, a twitter page dedicated to activities promoting urban rewilding and community green spaces