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Flickers of the Future Shortlisted entries


Flickers of the Future received a high volume of incredible applications. Below are the top entries chosen to continue in the competition.


Adya Rana- Grasstonberry

Amy Harris- Cheesed Off

Bethan Moore- Keepers

Christopher Ross-Kellam- Dharma

Comrie Saville-Ferguson- Follow Me

Daedyn Appleton- Floatsam

Eden Ezinne Igwe- Partnered

Edward Boardman- The Prescotts

Emily Munster- After The Flood

Emma Askew- Earth Act

Fern Bruce- Ethereal

Georgia Wagstaff- Planet B

Georgie Cowan-Turner- Sorry: but #Kettering where are you?

Gergana Kirilova- Flickers of the future

Harry Hitchens- 30 Day Ticket

Honor Webb- Eco-atrics

Jack Stanley- Natural Causes

James Silvanus-Davis- Ok Boomer

Jessi Gutch- Nature’s comeback

Joel Bradbury- Wake-Up Call

Joseph Skelton- Stop Pissing on My Broccoli

Lizzy Mansfield- HOW TO SAVE A WORLD.

Lowri Roberts & Zia Holloway- Retrospect

Lucy Foster- Zawadi

Lucy Phillips- Outlook

Matias Seguro- Barry Green

Mo Langmuir- Planet b

Peter McLoughlin- Lo-Coworkers

Rebecca Hilton- Operation Child Lock

Reuben Morris-Dyer- Otherworld

Simon Frederick- The Reveal

Solveig Herzum- Broad Sun

Sophie Marsh- Cross the Line

Tasha Dhanraj- Unexciting