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Flickers of the Future calls on young content creators to tell a different story - one where humans and planet thrive together.

The way that we depict the future plays a critical part in how it unfolds, and research shows that the bleak dystopias that films are currently portraying create fear, denial and passivity. Creative focus has been on heroes dragging the remaining few through soulless high-tech nightmares that viewers struggle to relate to. We need content that uses humour, aspirational and feel-good storylines to inspire us all to strive for a very different future.


"This could be the most important drama of our time, a much needed route to drive the rapid and major changes we need to avert a climate crisis and achieve the United Nations Global Goals. We’re in the thick of a real emergency for planet and the people - so I urge you to get involved today and put your best creative energy to saving our weird, worrying but still wonderful world."  Flickers of the Future patron Richard Curtis CBE


Flickers of the Future will support young content creators to create the most important drama of our generation in a way that creates rapid, radical change.

The winner will be supported through production with £100k- a huge opportunity for great exposure and experience- and be guided by our Expert Panel.

The competition is now closed


Global Action Plan, along with our Expert Panel, has shortlisted the top entries. You can see the shortlisted entries here

  • The top entries are invited to an Inspiration Session with film and environmental experts on Friday the 28th February in London to expand their idea.
  • Five finalist will be chosen and mentored by the Expert Panel to develop their synopsis further and submit a treatment for final judging.
  • The winning story will be supported through production with £100k funding and further guidance from our Expert Panel.


For more information about the role of sustainability in film we have created an online workshop which you can access in the link below.