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The Clean Air for Schools Framework

The problem

2,020 primary schools in the UK are in air pollution hotspots, within 150 metres of a road with illegal levels of air pollution.

Air pollution causes heart and lung diseases, stunts children’s lung development and there is evidence that air pollution can affect brain health, cognitive function and academic performance in children.


The Clean Air for Schools Framework

Headteachers and governors need to know which actions will best tackle the pollution problem in their school – but no authority is currently providing this advice. Our aim is to improve children’s health and educational attainment by providing the tools for schools to improve their local air quality and reduce their students’ exposure pollution.

Building on the success of the Clean Air Hospital Framework, the Clean Air for Schools Framework is a tailored blueprint of scalable actions that all UK schools can take to tackle air pollution. To build this we are:

  • Researching and prioritising the most useful air pollution tackling actions
  • Signposting schools to existing useful activities and programmes from leaders in the sector.   
  • Considering all aspects of a Clean Air School – e.g. travel, community engagement, facilities, procurement and more.
  • Monitoring the impact that these pollution tackling behaviours have on indoor and outdoor air quality with help from the University of Manchester and the Philips Foundation.

The Clean Air for Schools partnership brings together the Philips Foundation, Global Action Plan and University of Manchester who are working together to launch the Clean Air for Schools Framework in Autumn 2020.


Want to get involved?

We are excited to collaborate with the wider clean air community and we are seeking input from relevant clean air stakeholders across the UK. If you would like to hear more or would like to get involved:

Email:[email protected]

Call: 0203 817 7636