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Business Clean Air Taskforce

The Business Clean Air Taskforce (B-CAT) is a coalition of businesses committed to improving air quality in the UK. The B-CAT spearheads collaborative action projects, communications campaigns and best practice to help other organisations take effective action on air quality.


The B-CAT mission is to help accelerate the transition to a society with clean and healthy air in a way that ensures the public realises the benefit and avoids any risks of the transition. In order to do this, the B-CAT will galvanise other businesses to make the low pollution choice easier and more attractive for people.


The B-CAT aims to:

  • Set standards for business action on air pollution
  • Produce roadmaps and guidance to help business know what they should be doing to transition us to a low pollution economy
  • Foster collaborative action between businesses that aims to shift us to a cleaner air society
  • Communicate a positive vision for business involvement in cleaning up our air to government, industry and the public.


B-CAT is convened by Global Action Plan in partnership with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) to support action against the Clean Air Strategy and drive improvements in air quality.




BCAT members

We are looking for collaborative minded companies committed to tackling air pollution to join the Taskforce. In particular we welcome large businesses from the energy, retail and consumer goods, logistics, construction, transport and technology sectors to help us with our mission.