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Clean Air Hospital Framework


Air pollution is a health issue

It causes up to 36,000 deaths each year in the UK.

It causes over 20,000 respiratory and cardiovascular hospital admissions a year in the UK.

Air pollution is also a health opportunity

Solutions to air pollution benefit our health in other ways. Walking and cycling instead of driving reduce air pollution and also reduce risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and mental ill health.

"Together, the health sector can make a real difference to the lives of millions." Professor Stephen Holgate

Air pollution therefore requires a health sector response

Role model: show leadership by minimising air pollution from activities within the health sector’s control

Educate: inform patients and the public about the health risks and how to protect their health

Champion: support policy measures and work with others to improve air quality.

Use the Clean Air Hospital Framework to develop your clean air action plan

Self-assess your progress and set ambitions on tackling air pollution in seven key areas: travel, procurement & supply chain, construction, energy, local air quality, communication & training and hospital outreach & leadership. The accompanying presentation can help you secure the support of colleagues.

The seven CAHF themes

The Clean Air Hospital Framework has been co-developed by Great Ormond Street Hospital and Global Action Plan.

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To get in touch about the clean air hospital framework, email [email protected]

More information, email [email protected]