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Let us support you to become a clean air hospital

Global Action Plan are offering support to help hospitals use the Clean Air Hospital Framework and develop an action plan to become a clean air hospital.

Option A - Strategy masterclass

For £2,000 Global Action Plan will run a strategy masterclass with key stakeholders and department heads. The session will help your hospital to:

  • Identify how you are currently performing on tackling air pollution.
  • Identify barriers and opportunities to becoming a clean air hospital.
  • Following the session, Global Action Plan will write up the action plan with suggested timelines and responsibilities for the agreed steps.


Option B - Framework coaching

For £5,000 you will receive the strategy masterclass as above, plus:

  • 6 months of remote coaching to help you to implement the action plan.
  • Templates to help you communicate clean air messages with your staff and patients.
  • Peer-to-peer learning opportunities with Great Ormond Street Hospital to help you tackle barriers.
  • After 12 months, a further action planning session will help you to identify your next steps.


Option C - Implementation support

For £25,000 you will receive the strategy masterclass and framework coaching as above, as well as your choice from a number of bespoke onsite support activities, including:

  • Fleet driver training – to encourage ‘eco-driving’, consolidate trips and stop idling.
  • Clinician training – to empower health professionals to provide guidance to patients on how to reduce air pollution and protect their health in pharmacy, cardiac, respiratory and maternity areas.
  • Communications campaign support - to run an eight-week comms campaign (that can then be repeated) for staff and patients across the hospital.
  • School's/children's workshop and Play Specialist support to educate children and their parents/carers about air pollution and how to cut emissions. Materials can also be created to support the communications campaign.

For support to implement the clean air hospital framework, email Larissa Lockwood

For support to implement the framework, email Larissa Lockwood

The Clean Air Hospital Framework has been co-developed by Great Ormond Street Hospital and Global Action Plan.

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