Charlotte sets the strategy for the Global Action Plan brand and marketing. She is responsible for raising the profile of the organisation and for making sure Global Action Plan is a source of inspiration for all those looking to see an end to consumerism and the start of new, wellbeing-focussed lifestyles.

She has qualifications in marketing, organisational strategy and is an experienced coach and mentor. Previously, Charlotte worked in advertising agencies and health charities. She’s currently a Trustee for the International Refugee Trust.

With her three children now becoming young adults in a world where what you earn and what you look like are more important than how happy you are, she feels that we urgently need to find new models by which success is measured.

GAP’s mission takes a look at the value experiences, rather than things, can bring. What does Charlotte like doing in her free time?

Charlotte loves to be active so she spends her weekends running, cycling, boxing and doing yoga, doing her best to drag her somewhat reluctant family along (usually with the bribe of cakes and coffee at the end).

What inspires Charlotte about GAP’s mission?

Spotting connections between what is good for us and what is good for our planet - and seeing this double benefit to living a high-wellbeing lifestyle - is super smart.