We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new ground breaking action-research project: Goals for Good. This project will support hundreds of urban young people, aged 18-30 across Europe, to buck the pressure to buy ever more stuff and challenge materialistic notions of happiness.


Guided by a Panel of 10 leading international academics, Global Action Plan are bringing together the fields of wellbeing and consumption. Through a series of workshops we will be putting into practice the latest tools and approaches to encourage young people to explore what really makes them happy and to question the role that “stuff” and material possessions play in our lives. Inspired by stories of people bucking the trend, we will be supporting these young people to try out new habits that allow them to “live their lives to the max.” whilst avoiding patterns of excessive consumption that are harmful for their health and the planet. Their experiences will be shared alongside data on mental wellbeing and consumption behaviours to demonstrate how less consumeristic lifestyles can be, and are - something to aspire to.


Programme funding:

The two-year programme is funded by The KR Foundation, a family funded foundation registered in Denmark. It will follow the journeys of 225 young people living in three countries with very different consumption profiles and cultures: England, Hungary and Italy.


Get involved:

Focusing on young people under high work pressure and with similar levels of disposable income, Global Action Plan will be offering the programme to young employees/graduates in the service sector. If your organisation has offices in Italy, Hungary and the UK and would like to offer this programme to your young employees please contact [email protected]