Who: Tesco
What: Young people - education and traning
Where: Edinburgh, Glasgow

The challenge

To train unemployed young people in sustainability skills, and find people who can help Tesco reduce its impact on the environment.

How we helped

Catalyst Scotland is a pioneering collaborative programme between Tesco, Global Action Plan and Accenture that recruits and trains young unemployed people and helps them into roles where they act as on-the-ground advocates for energy saving which delivers wider improvements in stores.

Global Action Plan trained 36 unemployed young people in sustainability and energy through three-day courses. Five were employed in Tesco Retail and a further eight filled vacancies at other companies.  

Four candidates were taken on as Tesco Energy Ambassadors and assigned to specific stores to drive energy savings. As on-the-ground behaviour change specialists, the Energy Ambassadors worked shoulder-to-shoulder with colleagues in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow instilling a culture of sustainability throughout the workforce.  They successfully changed perceptions on energy consumption and during the six month project delivered an average energy reduction of two percent in each of the stores they worked in.

The energy ambassador programme helps us understand where behaviours make a difference on energy consumption. Having passionate young people challenge existing ways of working and to connect retail, maintenance, and energy on the ground, really moved us forward.

Bernd Leven, Global Head of Energy for Tesco


    • 120 Tesco stores involved
    • over 1,600 staff members inspired to take daily energy saving actions
    • average 2% energy reduction achieved

What's next?

Tesco will now embed the learnings from the programme into day-to-day operations to continue to achieve energy and carbon reductions across the UK.

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