You have a great behaviour change initiative up your sleeve but need to get funding or someone to give you the green light to make it happen.

Projects we have supported over the years have had many benefits - some more expected than others. Here are a few examples:

  • Reduced resource use
  • Cost savings
  • More staff pride in your business (if you're at work)
  • A greater sense of inclusion for your students (if you're at school)

We know behaviour change works in many different settings - we have 20 years of data to back it up.

some of the evidence...

  • Millions of pounds saved: Reducing the use of something will save money – our projects typically pay for themselves in a few months to a year. Find out how a colleague-led campaign is helping Sainsbury's to save energy, carbon and £ms every year
  • Increased staff productivity: More sustainable approaches to working don’t just save carbon but can also boost staff productivity and work-life balance, read more about how O2 Telefonica did this
  • Better Patient care (and sleep!): Our NHS programmes make wards calmer places to be – find out how Barts Health NHS Trust improved patient care through more energy-efficient behaviour 
  • Skill and capacity building: Environmental initiatives prove to be great engagement and skills building vehicles. Our schools programmes like Water Explorer report student improvements in presentation, our workplace programmes, like Lloyd's energy innovation challenge report, improved project management and our programmes with NEETs lead to improved confidence and employability, to name a few…
  • Warmer Homes: Through helping people to save energy many of our community programmes like the Big Energy Saving Race also help households stay warm by stopping heat from escaping!
  • Cleaner Air (and lungs): Reducing how much we drive and the energy we use also helps to reduce the particulate matter and other nasties in the air. The equivalent of 29,000 people die in the UK every year from poor air quality so cleaner air is a particularly important benefit of more sustainable living

Want to know more?

Hopefully the above case studies will give you the evidence you need to get people onside. Give us a call if you’d like our support in a programme but need to make a case for it – we can help you make the case for change. 

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