It’s November, so people are daring to use the C-word openly. But before Christmas is even upon us, first, there’s Black Friday to contend with!

You may have already seen the emails pinging into your inbox marking the date in your diary and already feel the pressure to buy. We know this time of year can feel overwhelming which is why last December we launched a report with tactics for reducing the stress; from taking time out, to decluttering our lives and thinking up fun low-cost experiences to gift instead of things.

Coming soon - a new way of giving!

This year, we have taken this idea of experiences not things one step further have and created Elfless Acts - a tool that helps you to create the perfect gift experience – no elves needed!

The campaign will be going live this November in time for Black Friday on 24th, so beat those Black Friday blues by shunning the queues and crashing websites and instead getting creative to make someone’s Christmas.

What is this “Elfless Acts” you talk of?
Elfless Acts is all about helping people to create more fun and less stuff this Christmas by gifting a meaningful Elfless act instead of a material present. By focusing on things that we know make us happy (time with friends, new experiences, exploring the great outdoors etc.) we want to help everyone create amazing gifts for their friends, families and even Clive - their work secret santa. Gifts that don’t deplete your wallets or end up at the back of a cupboard or in a charity shop a week later.

How does it work?
We know how hard it is to come up with an original gift idea – especially an experience which can quickly become expensive, so Elfless Acts solves that problem for you - with loads of brilliant low/no cost ideas to choose from, the simple tool will help you:

  •  Choose and customise an Elfless Act 
  •  Put it into one of a number of beautiful visual designs
  •  And - so you don’t forget - even have it automatically emailed it to your chosen recipient on Christmas Day (or whatever date your Christmas party is on!).

If you want to put it under the tree or see their face when they open it, there are ideas for how to wrap/hide and turn even the receiving of your Elfless Act into an experience! If you’re a last-minute buyer then fret not, you can do it right up until midnight on Christmas Eve!

Why are we doing it?
Global Action Plan’s mission is to tackle our throwaway society by encouraging people to rethink their relationship with stuff – specifically to have more fun with less of it! We’ve all seen the waste mountains, the islands of plastic and kids working in horrible conditions to make novelty gifts we don’t need (or often want). We know that the things that make us happiest for longest aren’t bought in shops and feel the stress of too much clutter in our lives – so let’s rebel against the constant pressure to buy, buy, buy and create memories instead of receipts – Elfless Acts is just one of our creative tools to help you do that!

Keep an eye out for more news on Elfless Acts on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels - and get ready for a new way of giving!