Speed up the sustainable revolution

Businesses all over the UK are changing the way they work - it is no longer acceptable to waste resources; we must be flexible and work from anywhere; and boards up and down the country are committed to making a positive impact on the environment (not just impact minimisation). 

Driving this change are a small army of passionate change agents. Some as part of their jobs but many just because they are innovators, they are visionaries, they care about the world we live in and they know that business has to change if it wants to succeed over the next few years.

Over the last 25 years we have worked with many of these people, helping them make changes to their workplaces; in big corporates like O2 through to SMEs like the Cinnamon Club restaurant in London.

But we need to step this movement up - the change is not happening fast enough, we need catalysts.

We are looking for 12 leading businesses to join us to be the catalysts – to spearhead the environmental movement in the workplace; try new things; prove impact; and showcase to others how to take leaps rather than small steps to becoming more sustainable businesses.

What is a Catalyst?

1. Catalysts create a chain reaction

2. Catalysts need a diverse mix of elements

3. A small number of Catalysts can enable a huge change

More Information

To learn how to join the Catalyst Programme, please contact Hugh Goulbourne to arrange a meeting or a call.