Sector: Health
Employees: 15,000
Location: East London

The challenge

Help a London-based NHS Trust to save money and improve patient experience, by cutting their energy use.

How we helped

Staff teams at Barts Health NHS Trust have created better environments for patients, and saved on the Trust’s bills by reducing energy waste as part of Operation TLC. Since 2013, nurses, doctors, facilities, security and cleaning staff have  taken 3 simple actions:

T – turn off equipment when not in use
L – switch off lights where possible
C – close doors and windows

Operation TLC has now run for two years, reaching the Trust’s six hospitals in East London.


Thorough measurement has shown that Operation TLC delivers long-term cost savings at the same time as improving patient experience – a fantastic achievement for the hundreds of staff that have taken this initiative to heart.

    • £428,000 per year saved - that's enough for 18 new nurses!
    • 1,900 tonnes of CO2 per year saved
    • 38% fewer patients asked nurses to change the room temperature
    • Patients reported a 1/3 reduction in sleep disruptions
    • and 1/4 fewer intrusions to their privacy

Why it works

As part of Operation TLC, more wards began to adopt a “Quiet Time”. This meant staff dimmed the lights, encouraged patients to retire to their rooms, and visitors were asked to let patients rest.

Patients reported fewer sleep disruptions. Nurses also noticed that visitors and patients had better interactions when visitors returned. It has benefits for staff too, giving them some time to catch up, reflect and plan for the afternoon while their patients rest.

Quiet time gives patients a rest by having no visitors and switching off the lights.

Fran, Ward 12E, Royal London Hospital 

Operation TLC has won several awards, including an 2014 UK Ashden Award for behaviour change and a Guardian Sustainable Business Award for Impact in Collaboration.

We also thank Skanska, GE and the Department of Health for their financial support of Operation TLC.

More about Operation TLC

Download the full case study to find out how Operation TLC was rolled out across Barts Health NHS Trust.

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