There are a small army of amazing people who support us on our charitable mission. We are lucky to be able to draw on their considerable knowledge, creativity and passion to amplify what we do. They represent us, connect us, spot opportunities and donate their valuable time to mentor our staff and develop new world-changing ideas.

Ayesha Tan Jones

Ayesha Tan Jones is an artist, musician and community organiser based in London. They recently graduated from Central Saint Martins with a first class honours in Fine Art Sculpture, and went on to complete a month long residency at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, as the first BA student to receive this graduate award.Their artwork deals with spiritual, mystical and cybernetic realms, combining synthetic and natural materials to convey an optimistic dystopia.

Ayesha founded Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, a self defence class for women, non binary people and QTIPoC in London, where students learn Brazilian Jujitsu self defence, combined with herbal medicine and magic.

YaYa Bones is Ayesha's music project, singing operatic vocals over electronic rhythms in a dream n bass style, YaYa Bones is seductively political and deeply powerful.  Follow her on Instagram.

James Wallman

James is the author of bestseller Stuffocation, a guide to living and how experiences are more important than possessions. Its premise struck a cord around the world: we have more stuff than we could ever need: clothes we don’t wear, gadgets around us we don’t use and toys we don’t play with. Yet having everything we want, and more, isn’t making us happier nor is it good for the planet.

James has been analysing trends and forecasting the future since 2004. His writing and thoughts have appeared in many of the world’s leading publications and broadcasting channels. 

Follow him on Twitter .