Global Action Plan's ultimate focus is on helping people to take action. But sometimes, for people to act, we need the right kind of political environment.

So we look for opportunities to share the results of the programmes we run, and use them to make recommendations to influence public policy.

For the last two years, we have convened an all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on behaviour change. Members include David Halpern from the Behavioural Insights Team at the Cabinet Office. At the meetings we cove‎r topics such as behaviour change in the NHS, using examples from our work in hospitals to show how they can shape public policy.

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We're currently putting together an All-Party Parliamentary Group on energy and the built‎ environment.

Global Action Plan are the Secretariat for community action group, The National Right to Fuel Campaign - an independent and volunteer-led campaign which brings together voices from the corporate, charitable and public sectors to raise the profile of fuel poverty. In this capacity, Global Action Plan are in the process of setting up an All Parliamentary Party Group that will focus on energy efficiency in the built environment, and in particular the possibility of influencing household behaviour to help tackle fuel poverty.


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