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Global Action Plan loves to work with brave businesses. Brave enough to challenge both themselves and the status quo.

Why partner with us?


Through partnerships co-created with business, we've helped millions of people to reconnect with the planet and take individual and collective action on urgent sustainability issues. We bring 25 years of experience, knowledge and networks to develop the most impactful projects possible.

Partnering with Global Action Plan, you can expect a journey of genuine collaboration and co-creation. Positivity and optimism are core values which underpin all of our work.

We like to uncover issues that together we can authentically and effectively address. Often, this will start with identifying an issue that needs to be better understood. From there, we do deep-dive qualitative and quantitative research. This informs us how, together, we can best utilise your assets and expertise to shift the dial on the problem. From there, we get to work together.

There are tangible benefits to partnering with us. We’ll be helping you to connect with your customers and stakeholders on that which is most important – what's good for people and the planet. And we firmly believe any business not doing this is on a fast track to obsolescence!

Authentic corporate social responsibility can be hard. Small steps face accusations of greenwash, while giant leaps can feel too risky to implement. Real change requires internal commitment from top to bottom and trust from your customers that your commitments are genuine. This is where GAP can help.  

You’ll find us to be a critical friend, always pushing you to go that bit further, be that bit braver.

Towards Considerate Consumption  

Business has a pivotal role in preventing climate breakdown. Many businesses have now set targets in line with the Paris Agreement ambitions to halve global emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. The challenge now is to meet them.  

In addition to the need to reduce emissions, we are collectively using 60% more resources than the earth can replenish each year which is driving pollution and biodiversity loss. These crises require a similar intensity of response from businesses, and we urgently need to move towards new business models that enable consumption within the earth’s limits. In short, we all need to consume more considerately of our planet.  

There are five key ways that businesses can reduce their resource and emissions overshoot and become more considerate corporates:1

1) Sell with scruples – by avoiding the most manipulative advertising and marketing techniques that place pressure on customers to buy more than they need, replace functioning products, or promote impulse purchasing.  

2) Source responsibly – produce products in the most environmentally friendly, and socially responsible ways. Paying fair wages and using reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible.  

3) Sustain the life of products - enable products to be kept in life for longer. Selling better quality goods that last longer, can be re-used, are repairable, and have extended warranty periods.  

4) Shift from physical to experiential consumption. E.g. ownership to access. Promote sharing and rental services or provide experiences over “stuff”.   

5) Scale down harmful products that are unnecessary to leading a good life and are causing high ecological damage.  

Global Action Plan are working with corporates to enable them to accelerate the transition towards a world where we are all more considerate in our consumption.  

Clean Air Day logo

Clean Air Day Partnerships

Since 2017, Global Action Plan have convened Clean Air Day – the UK’s annual moment where the nation’s focus is firmly focused on the air we breathe.

Year on year, Clean Air Day has grown in terms of campaigns visibility and reach. This has been achieved by working with and through more than 200 partners nationwide, drawn from Government institutions, Local Authorities, Hospitals, Schools, Businesses and Grassroots Organisations!

We are always seeking to partner with more businesses to grow the Clean Air movement faster. Partnership can entail sponsorship of Clean Air Day, which comes with significant brand and thought leadership opportunities for sponsorship partners. To hear more, please email [email protected] to arrange a conversation.

Some examples of our partnership work


Supercharging the Climate Conversation


89% of young people told us that caring about the natural world is important to them, but many did not feel confident to speak out about it – concerned about 'sticking out' or 'getting it wrong'. Virgin Media O2 and Global Action Plan came together to help young people break through these barriers.​

Persil | Dirt is Good

Dirt is Good


In the UK, 85% of people think that compassionate values are of primary importance. However, 60 percent of people feel that kindness is in decline in the UK, compared to just 8% of people who believed it was on the increase. We came together with Persil and Dirt Is Good was developed to celebrate children's innate compassion; harness their creativity and curiosity; and to unlock their potential as a movement of compassionate environmental changemakers.

Clean Air for Schools


Air pollution is the world’s biggest environmental health risk. Children’s developing organs and immune systems make them especially vulnerable to dirty air, setting them up for a lifetime of health complications. Clean Air for Schools was developed as a cross-sector collaboration between multinational healthcare brand Philips, Global Action Plan and the University of Manchester. Our shared aim was to ensure 2,000 of the UK’s most polluted schools no longer have to teach children in dangerously high levels of air pollution. As a result of this unique partnership, over 6,650 lives were improved in Greater Manchester through cleaner air and 963 million opportunities were created across the UK for people to learn about the importance of clean air in schools.​

Our policy


Global Action Plan partners with government departments and agencies, local authorities, philanthropic foundations, businesses, and multilateral organisations to have a bigger and deeper impact on our priority issues.  Our corporate partners help us tap into valuable resources and understand sector challenges we wouldn’t normally have access to and also help us to share insights and initiatives with the public and decision-makers at a scale we could not deliver alone.


In turn, Global Action Plan provides expertise on how to mobilise action to create better wellbeing for both people and planet. We challenge ambitions and give feedback on ideas as a critical friend; co-create exciting collective action programmes and campaigns as a delivery partner; and harness our powerful network and insights to create thought leadership and influence as a charity partner.


 What we don't do

We don't typically endorse specific products unless positioned as part of a broader set of solutions to a problem, for example e-scooters as part of the zero-emission transport mix, and we do not endorse specific models or services. We aren’t a PR agency - business partners can expect us to challenge constructively and respectfully, focusing on what matters and driving the most useful impact.


 Who we work with

We undertake proportionate due diligence activities before working with a business, sharing what we learn and any reservations or issues that we have with them. In selecting partners we look for:

  • Those seeking true partnership working, rather than a transactional supplier of services. Our partnerships are based on openness, challenge, mutual respect and equal input into problem solving and solutions forming.
  • Those with ambitious aims to improve the wellbeing of both people and the planet as part of their core purpose as well as their operations.
  • Those interested in addressing and understanding root issues, rather than managing symptoms.
  • Those whose plans reflect the scale and urgency of addressing climate change. Broad ambitions for 2050 without short term targets, milestones and plans or that just seek to mitigate your direct operational impact rather than influence wider positive change will not cut it.


 Who we won't work with

GAP won’t accept support that could compromise our values or mission. We will not work with businesses that we believe to be directly driving harm to people and planet - including but not limited to:

  • Those extracting - or investing in the extraction - of fossil fuels
  • The Tobacco/nicotine sector
  • Companies manufacturing weapons
  • The Pornography sector or sex trade
  • Companies promoting gambling or risky behaviour around money

If you'd like to start a conversation about partnership with Global Action Plan, please email [email protected] and we'll swiftly respond. 

1Adapted fromHöglund (2022) Towards net zero: reducing consumption-based emissions.Global Challenge.  


Phillips logo

“Partnering with GAP on such a vital programme has been invigorating.  We have a shared mission of improving lives and it has been a pleasure working with the team in genuine partnership.  Most importantly, the programme in place today will inspire positive, long-term change that benefits a generation of schoolchildren across the UK and Ireland.”


Elizabeth Littlewood, Head of Brand and Communications, Philips UK&I    

GSK logo

“GSK Consumer Health chose to work with GAP for their commitment to raising awareness of air pollution. They have been a great partner – creative, committed, well-networked and focussed on results. It has been a pleasure to collaborate together on developing joint solutions.  Our partnership has helped build greater connections with the public and health care officials and overall greater awareness of the TCBI.”


Yvonne Iwaniuk, Director of Communications & Public Affairs – GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

Uber logo

 “Working with GAP has enabled us to play a positive role in ensuring that action on clean air is prioritised at all levels of business and in government. Our transition to being a 100% EV, zero emissions platform will only be possible by collaborating with other business and organisations like GAP. The work to convene likeminded businesses, engage policymakers and hold everyone to account is a vital part of crafting the cleaner, healthier cities we all want to live in.  I’m looking forward to continue to work with the team over the months and years to come.”


Chris Hook, UK Clean Air Lead