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Waging war on single use plastic: Long Live the Lunchbox!

No time to make a packed lunch? Just pack your lunch box! Global Action Plan's Youth Panel are working with the UK’s best cafés and fast-food restaurants to help you enjoy single-use-plastic free lunches on the go. By connecting conscious consumers and like-minded businesses, we’re combating excessive plastic packaging together, and showing what’s good for us is good for the planet.

How it works

In early 2019 The Youth Panel took over our Instagram to establish an understanding of the role of single-use plastics in food packaging, especially at lunchtime. This information helps encourage young people who might buy salads or ready prepared meals at lunchtime to bring their own lunch box to the outlet rather than use the plastic packaging which it is usually served in. From week one, the campaign informed followers about the impacts of the widespread use of single-use plastic and each subsequent week built on this: talking to online influencers and business owners who support Long Live the Lunchbox, hearing from fellow eco-conscious consumers and bringing in the corporate perspective. We also launched an interactive map where consumers can easily locate food outlets and restaurants that encourage patrons to use their own containers. As the campaign gains exposure and support grows – the map will grow too.

Lunch box photographed from above

What is Long Live The Lunchbox?

Pizza in lunchbox from above

The aim of Long live the Lunchbox is to encourage the UK’s best cafés and fast-food restaurants to move away from using unsustainable, disposable packaging by allowing customers to use their own reusable lunch box, tackling plastic waste one full tummy at a time. We’re bringing back the recess favourite… hailing from the schoolyard… grab food to go with your faithful lunch box and hit excessive packaging hard. There will also be a knock-on benefit - we may find that our young workforce choose healthier options for lunch as a result.

Where can you use your lunch box?

Want your cafe/restaurant/stall to appear on our map, and receive a free sticker to display in your window? Please contact [email protected]

For further information on Long Live the Lunchbox contact [email protected] and follow Global Action Plan on Instagram @globalactionplan

Images from the long live the lunchbox campaign

Global Action Plan is a charity that makes the connection between what is good for us and what is good for the planet. We're experts in helping people live more sustainable lifestyles. Long Live the Lunchbox is the first campaign created and undertaken by Global Action Plan’s youth panel; a group of young people aged between 18-25 passionate about living sustainably.

The Long Live the Lunchbox campaign is part of the Year of Green Action