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Connecting what is good for us and good for the planet


Global Action Plan is a charity that's working for a green and thriving planet where we can live happily without ruining the Earth we depend on.


We're experts in helping people live more sustainable lifestyles.


We do this by making connections between what's good for people and good for the planet.


We're the people behind Clean Air Day, the UK's largest air pollution campaign.


We work with young people on reducing consumerism and increasing wellbeing - what's good for us is often greener too.


And we bring business and young people together to work on a sustainable future - helping young people develop the skills and knowledge to tackle environmental issues is good for the planet and for everyone's future too.


London Sustainability Exchange (LSx)

On 1st December 2019 Global Action Plan and London Sustainability Exchange [LSx] joined forces. Prior to that, LSx was an independent charity, founded in 2001.


London Sustainability Exchange has, since 2001, created collaborations that address the complex barriers to a sustainable London. It takes a grassroots approach to delivering environmental justice and sustainable lifestyles.


LSx achievements during 2018-19

  • 1,395,254 Londoners were reached by our work
  • 10,918 volunteer hours
  • 19,433 tonnes of CO2 saved
  • 28,080 cubic metres of water saved
  • £40,371 financial Savings


What LSx is most proud of

  • Raising the voices of people whose health is under threat from air pollution in London and 7 other cities. This has challenged policymakers to take action.


  • Enabling faith and cultural communities’ needs to be taken into account in the way energy, water, and wellbeing services are delivered by corporates UK wide.


  • Pioneering social marketing approaches that reach communities that are often missed by campaigns to promote sustainable living. Our approaches have been adopted by numerous other NGOs, charities and local authorities.


Programmes initiated by London Sustainability Exchange are continuing to flourish as part of Global Action Plan.