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Our track record

Global Action Plan was founded in 1993. We've been on quite a journey since then. Check out some of the many milestones we've achieved along the way...


Global Action Plan UK is born, and joins the US, Sweden and the Netherlands in the GAP international network


EcoTeams is launched to help thousands of households to cut their waste, and save energy and water


We develop the UK's first online Carbon Calculator


Our energy bike and eco-driving simulators start travelling the country, creating great interactive events


Our Action at School programme helps students reduce waste at their schools by 42% and cut energy consumption by 11%


3,000 young people design Greenprint, their vision for the future.


Our Inefficient Truth report highlights the need to address greenhouse gas emissions from electronic equipment


Our Sainsbury's partnership begins. We show that 5 actions on the shop floor can save millions of pounds and thousands of tonnes of CO2


Operation TLC starts to save energy and help patients rest with Barts Health NHS Trust.


We embark on a 5 year programme to give young NEETs environmental skills (and jobs!) with Catalyst Youth


Clean Air Action Days motivate drivers to switch their engines off, resulting in #noidling trending on Twitter


Over 50,000 students across 11 countries complete water-saving challenges in the 1st year of Water Explorer.


Our Action on Air Pollution report demonstrates measurable health benefits of reducing patient exposure to air pollution.


We launch our new mission: to support young people to tackle our throwaway culture and defy the pressure to buy, buy, buy.


Clean Air Day, the UK’s biggest air pollution campaign, saw thousands of people and 2,000 organisations take part in more than 550 events across the UK. Over the course of the campaign, public understanding of air pollution improved and more people began taking steps to address the issues.


We provide further building blocks for the clean air movement through the Clean Air Hospital Framework, the Clean Air Public Insight Tracker and the Clean Air Hub – the go-to place for public advice on air pollution.


In June, 400,000 participants get involved in Clean Air Day and 600 events are held around the country.


On 20 September, the day of the largest ever global climate strike, we launch Transform Our World, our online hub of resources for teachers to empower youth action. In October our Values to Transform Our World white paper launches a framework for student wellbeing and a healthier planet.


We launch our first public campaign on wellbeing and consumerism in the autumn - #idontbuyit offers advertising resilience guides for parents and teenagers and the Instagram campaign creates 5,000,000 opportunities for teenagers to see content that raises awareness of the power of social media advertising.


We launch Flickers of the Future, a competition challenging young creatives to help us shape a new post-consumerism narrative. 


On 1st December 2019, we join forces with London Sustainability Exchange to see enhanced capabilities and networks.

London Sustainability Exchange (LSx)

On 1st December 2019 Global Action Plan and London Sustainability Exchange [LSx] joined forces. Prior to that, LSx was an independent charity, founded in 2001.


London Sustainability Exchange has, since 2001, created collaborations that address the complex barriers to a sustainable London. It takes a grassroots approach to delivering environmental justice and sustainable lifestyles.


LSx achievements during 2018-19

  • 1,395,254 Londoners were reached by our work
  • 10,918 volunteer hours
  • 19,433 tonnes of CO2 saved
  • 28,080 cubic metres of water saved
  • £40,371 financial Savings


What LSx is most proud of

  • Raising the voices of people whose health is under threat from air pollution in London and 7 other cities. This has challenged policymakers to take action.


  • Enabling faith and cultural communities’ needs to be taken into account in the way energy, water, and wellbeing services are delivered by corporates UK wide.


  • Pioneering social marketing approaches that reach communities that are often missed by campaigns to promote sustainable living. Our approaches have been adopted by numerous other NGOs, charities and local authorities.


Programmes initiated by London Sustainability Exchange are continuing to flourish as part of Global Action Plan.