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About us

Global Action Plan is an environmental charity working towards a green and thriving planet where everyone can enjoy happy and healthy lives within the Earth’s limits 


We tackle the root causes of our climate and nature crises through research, campaigns and collective action that reconnect human and planetary health. 


We take a two part approach which challenges the destructive forces and reveals the brighter alternatives. 

We expose the systemic drivers of harm to human and planetary health. 


This means that we shift the unhelpful focus away from individual behaviour and blame to a recognition of the need for wider, more compassionate system change.

By making the status quo risky for regulators and business we will effect this systemic change and ultimately reduce the everyday pressures on people to consume.


And at the same time...

We take the positive narratives which demonstrate the reality of a healthy future for all and make them mainstream. 


This means that we show regulators and businesses the real demand and possibility for system change, independent of background and politics.

By providing an aspirational cultural norm and collective routes for change we give decision makers the confidence to be ambitious and we empower people to lead happy, healthy lives.

What we do


We focus on issues where the connection between the health of people and our planet is most tangible. This allows us to show the deep interrelationship and drive solutions that prioritise wellbeing for all. Our two current focus issues are air pollution and the excessive consumption of stuff. 

How we're funded


GAP’s principal sources of income are


  • grants from charitable and corporate trusts and foundations,
  • contracts from central and local government and carefully selected businesses for mission aligned activities.


Donations from individual donors represent only a very small but growing proportion of income, reflecting the increasing interest in climate philanthropy. We have taken on new team members to invest in building this donor base over the next three years. The charity receives no significant core funding from government or other sources.