edie award winner

We're delighted that Catalyst Scotland won best Employee Engagement and Behaviour Change Initiative of the year at the edie awards on 19 November!Read more

Celebrating the Catalyst Class of 2015

Our first five Catalysts have completed their time with GAP - it's time to celebrate their achievements.Read more

Make a big difference and #turnoffthetap

Lack of access to fresh water is responsible for 840,000 deaths per year, but what can we do about it?Read more

Making wards more patient-friendly is all about teamwork

Nurses want to work with facilities teams to make wards more comfortable, our survey found.Read more

Centrica Away Day

Tom blogs about the recent Catalyst trip to Centrica where the team got an insight into the corporate world.Read more

Cleaner air for london

Our Air Quality programmes empower people to take action against air pollution; either by empowering drivers to cut emissions and improve the air we breathe, or empowering communities to protect themselves from air pollution.Read more

Engaging employees on the environment can be a challenging business

A leading environmental charity has found that 85% of sustainability managers believe that there is “a lot more” their staff could do to make their organization run sustainably.Read more

Nafferton Primary School - UK Water Explorer winners

Nafferton Primary school from East Yorkshire has been crowned winner of our UK Water Explorer awards which took place in London’s Canary Wharf last week.Read more

International Water Explorers: Turkey take the crown

Water Explorers from around the globe came to London to share stories at the Water Explorer International Celebration Event, and crown the new champions.Read more

Business needs to step up to the sustainability challenge

Managing Partner Sonja Graham introduces an article written by Chair of Trustees Jeremy Oppenheim on the role of business in meeting the UN Sustainable Development goals.Read more