Clean Air Day

On 15 June 2017 we ran the UK's first ever National Clean Air Day inspiring people around the country to take action on air pollution. Our Celebration Report highlights the key successes of the day.Read more

Routes to less excess

Our Relationship with Stuff is a report commissioned by Global Action Plan which recommends practical ways we can all pursue improved well-being without damaging the environment.Read more

Values in British Education

Working closely with teachers and academics, Global Action Plan have launched a thought piece: Values in British Education. We believe there needs to be a change in values in UK schools to secure a sustainable future for us all.Read more

Promoting highly efficient household appliances

How to encourage people cut their bills by buying more energy efficient appliances for their home.Read more

Starting at square one

Finding the evidence that shows why employee engagement is better for business.Read more

Changing gear

Challenging UK businesses to find ways of travelling more sustainably, with seven steps to re-envisioning travel at work.Read more

Watts in the home

Why people need more information to make better choices when they buy white goods.Read more