February 2018 round-up

In February 2018 we saw Glastonbury announce plans to go plastic bottle free in 2019, Lucy Siegle explore the issues of fast fashion, and MPs calling for more conversations about climate change.Read more

January 2018 round-up

2018 kicked off with news about the impact of fracking on baby birth weight, how Scots are shrinking their carbon footprint, as well as taking a look at millennials and capitalism, and China's end to accepting imports of waste.Read more

December 2017 round-up

The news in December covered planetary boundaries, a new letter from the Union of Concerned Scientists, as well as highlighting the UK's first carbon neutral village and the first UK beach (Penzance) awarded 'plastic free' status. As well as new reports on fashion, inequality and shaking up the consumption model, there's a spotlight on Christmas debt.Read more


We've compiled a list of startling stats about consumption and our planet. Here they are, with their references.Read more

November 2017 round-up

This month the news covered the UK commitment to phasing out coal power generation by 2025, links between emissions and consumption and The Diderot Effect. It also took a look at Black Friday, the Amish approach to tech, and how you can buy less stuff and save the world!Read more

October 2017 round-up

In October, the news featured Monsanto v.s. The EU, Scottish fracking, Catholic divestment in fossil fuels, the effect of upgrades on how we treat our things, a look at young people's thoughts about social media and electric vehicles.Read more

September 2017 round-up

September brought news featuring the Paris climate target, the life of textiles post-wardrobe, the impact of product 'upselling' and cobalt mining. We're also offered a tour of the Trash Isles and chance to try out a Happiness App.Read more

August 2017 round-up

Our August round-up included the language of climate change, a call for a ban on glittter, the impact of the apparel industry and the impact of the smartphone on the iGen.Read more

July 2017 round-up

Our July round-up includes news on greenhouse gas emissions, red meat, a new WRAP UK report and a look at stuff vs services.Read more

June 2017 round-up

Our June 2017 round up covered SDGs, Trump and the Paris Accord, Prosperity for Londoners, Ocean Plastics and Michael Gove's appointment as the new Environment Minister.Read more