#Walking The Talk

The team at Global Action Plan decided to try 'walking the talk' by making environmental New Year's resolution pledges .Read more

Barts Health NHS Trust: Operation TLC

How nursing staff in East London took action to save the NHS money, by saving energy on their wards.Read more

Sainsbury's: Greenest Grocer

A friendly competition between Sainsbury's stores helped them saved energy and money.Read more

Unilever: Sustainable living

Adapting our pioneering EcoTeams programme for Unilever offices around the globe!Read more

O2: Smart @ Work

How working smarter helped O2 employees travel less, make better use of meetings and became more productive at workRead more

O2: Flexible working

How O2 employees discovered flexi-working made them healthier, happier, and more productive.Read more

Operation TLC at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Nurses in one of London's biggest hospitals learned how to save energy and improve patient care.Read more

Tesco: Catalyst Scotland

Training young people to become sustainability leaders, and use their skills to help Tesco save energy.Read more

British Gas: Transform

Creating jobs for unemployed young people, so they can help organizations become more sustainable.Read more

Tata Consultancy Services

Encouraging staff to use their can-do attitude to save energy, reduce waste, and cut travel.Read more