Teacher Award: Catalyst for Change

We've created our Catalyst for Change teacher awards to recognise and celebrate teachers inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders.Read more

Water Explorer Case Studies

Some of the highlights from Water Explorer, our award-winning schools programmeRead more

Transform our world

We want to create a global movement of children who ‘get’ the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Read more

Water Explorer

Setting 8-14 year olds on a mission to save the world's precious water resources.Read more

H₂O Heroes

11 - 14 year olds implementing their own behaviour change campaigns to get people in their school community saving water.Read more

Fresher for Longer

Secondary school students around the country learning innovative ways to reduce food waste.Read more

Aqua Innovation

What happens when students are empowered to create their own water-saving campaigns?Read more

Rainforest Rescue

Can children in the UK really make a difference to the rainforests?Read more