National Clean Air Day 2017

National Clean Air Day is taking place on 15 June 2017.Read more

Cleaner Air with Barts Health

Tackling air pollution with five interventions to make East London healthier.Read more


Cleaner Air Action Fortnight was an exciting new Cross River Partnership initiative to drive down air pollution in hotspots across five Central London boroughs.Read more

The Air We Share at Investec

A pioneering air quality employee engagement campaign to help staff reduce their exposure to air pollution.Read more

Cleaner Fleets, Healthier Streets

Improving air quality in East London by getting hospital fleet drivers to change their driving habits.Read more

Cleaner air for london

Our Air Quality programmes empower people to take action against air pollution; either by empowering drivers to cut emissions and improve the air we breathe, or empowering communities to protect themselves from air pollution.Read more

Cleaner Air Action Days

Mobilising drivers on the streets of London to turn off their engines, stop idling and cut harmful emissions.Read more

Living Warm Living Well

Helping Doctors and nurses at Barts Health NHS Trust to give vulnerable patients advice on how to stay warm.Read more