We were thrilled to pick up 'Air Quality Communications Initiative of the Year' at the National Air Quality Awards 2017 for everyone behind the National Clean Air Day campaign.

We coordinated the first ever National Clean Air Day on 15 June 2017, alongside 101 supporters. The campaign saw more than 200 individual events taking place nationwide, more than 550 press, radio and TV features and over 28,000 tweets helping to raise awareness of air pollution.

“It was incredible to see how many thousands of people volunteered to help protect children and adults alike from air pollution – which we know is an even greater health threat than obesity. Most importantly, everyone’s efforts paid off. After Clean Air Day we tracked an increase in public understanding of air pollution issues. Thank you to every school teacher, nurse, doctor, taxi driver, politician, business owner, parent and child who helped to spread the word. You did a great job”, Chris Large, Senior Partner, Global Action Plan

The day was a huge success and this would not have been possible without each of the supporters - so a huge congratulations to everyone who took part – this award is for you!

To find out more about the successes of the day, read our Celebration Report.

But most importantly, Clean Air Day 2018 will be on Thursday 21 June. This year 1,000 organisations helped to protect the public from air pollution on Clean Air Day. In 2018 we’re encouraging organisations to help people try a low-pollution action for the first time. We’re taking inspiration from your projects this year, which included people taking their first drive in an electric car, teams hosting virtual team meetings to cut down travel, and children forming a walking bus to get to school. We look forward to seeing what you do to prompt people to give low-pollution living a try in 2018.

Please join in again and tell us your plans: