On the 12th November we’re holding our first GAP Catalyst Graduation!

Since the GAP Catalyst programme began in 2014, Global Action Plan has trained a total of 59 young people not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs).

10 of those have joined Global Action Plan as Programme Assistants - and the pioneering first five have just completed their year in this role. They're about to head out into the world to try out their new skills and help more people live sustainable lives. We can't wait to see what they do next!

But first, it's time to celebrate their acheivements... So we've planned a special graduation event for the class of 2015.

At the event, GAP will present each of the five Catalysts from the class of 2014/15 with a certificate, and say a few words about what they have achieved. Then, we'll hear from the new intake of Catalysts about their 2015/16 Community Project. 

The impact of Catalyst

As well as those who came to work at GAP, 67 % of the young people who took part in the behaviour change training have found permanent employment. 10% have gone onto to full-time education in environment studies.

Catalysts are now working across a range of sectors including, finance, environment, education and marketing. They are all seeking an active role in the sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility teams within their organisations.

Outside of their "day jobs", a number of Catalyst are keen to make a difference in their community. Over the coming months we hope to launch a community project with community funding support so that they can put their learning into practice.

Congratulations to the class of 2015: Aaron, Zanna, Kendal, Saaqib and Karimm. We've loved working with you!

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