By Sonja Graham, Managing Partner, Global Action Plan 

It has been (to say the least) an eventful few days for the sustainability camp.

First the heady highs of the Paris agreement coming into force - with 103 countries committed to curbing global temperature rise at 2°C. Quickly followed by an environmental valley of despair - a country responsible for almost a fifth of global carbon emissions electing a President who wants coal in and the agreement out.

But, whilst we may have lost this political battle, the war is far from over.

As President Obama reminded us yesterday, there have always been setbacks along the road to a fairer, more sustainable society. The important thing now is that we, who are committed to human progress, continue to be the catalyst for change around the world.

We need progressive business leaders to respond to Obama’s audacity and to meet Trump’s fire head on.

Today our Chair, Jeremy Oppenheim, picks up this challenge. Writing in The Director, he calls for fellow business leaders to join him in building a movement of young citizens taking action to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals – to read more click here.