Sue's early career began in national and global advertising and integrated communications for corporations and agencies.

In 1997, Sue co-founded The CarbonNeutral Company, the world's first carbon trading (offsetting) organisation for businesses and consumers. She developed the company through a series of VC fund raising rounds and built out its influence and commercial success. It is now a world market leader.

Sue kept an interest in the company but left day-to-day operations in 2009 to co-found HomeSun which leveraged the government's new Feed-in Tariff and catapulted Free Solar into the UK. She created the largest residential solar portfolio in Europe and sold the business to Aviva 2012.

Sue stayed with the same executive team to build HomeSun Commercial (cavity wall insulation for blocks of flats) sold 2014, and then FlowGem (IoT water flow detection and monitoring) sold to Centrica in August 2016.

Sue's specialities are: innovation, brand and market building from a blank sheet of paper, commercial partnerships, carbon trading, customer service and PR.