Recognising that climate change and resource scarcity are the major challenges society faces, Vessie aspires to make the solutions easy and appealing for big businesses to make a big difference.
As Change Manager, Vessie joins forces with retail and corporate partners to engage and inspire employees to adopt sustainable behaviours at work. Since 2014, Vessie has overseen the Greenest Grocer programme: a series of energy-saving initiatives in Sainsbury’s stores. Between 2016 and 2017, Vessie was seconded into Sainsbury’s Energy Team to extend the Greenest Grocer messages and training nationally.  This immense undertaking trained and equipped 1,300 store managers to lead energy best practice in their stores, resulting in 131,000 colleagues shifting behaviours to be more energy efficient - saving the stores millions of pounds and avoiding 9,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.
Vessie joined Global Action Plan as a Programme Assistant in 2013, having completed studies in Geography and Economics at the London School of Economics. She is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainability, looking specifically at the benefits of the sharing economy.
Global Action Plan's mission takes a look at the value experiences - rather than things - can bring. What does Vessie like doing in her free time?

Playing strategy board games, watching films and skiing in the Alps.
What inspires Vessie about Global Action Plan’s mission?

That it seeks to be holistic about solving the major social and environmental challenges of our time.