Sonja’s aim in life is to show that the sustainable choice is the better choice, rather than the 'green' one. With a background in psychology, she specialises in the design of behaviour change programmes that reduce environmental impact.

As Managing Partner, Sonja is focused on scaling GAP’s profile and impact. Intent on closing the gap between research and practice, she founded a Behaviour Change working group with four universities (The Real-World Sustainability Research Team) and has authored papers on motivating environmental behaviour. Prior to joining Global Action Plan, Sonja set up a behaviour change unit for a carbon consultancy and held a number of roles at Shell, delivering global HSE training, environmental communications and change management projects.

Global Action Plan's mission takes a look at the value experiences, rather than things, can bring. What does Sonja like doing in her free time?

Getting hold of random OS maps and plotting circular walks to go on from pubs!

 What fires Sonja up about Global Action Plan’s mission?

We all have far more stuff than we need, some by our own design ("I really didn’t need another black top.") and some by the design of others ("Thank you Aunty May for this wind-up, singing reindeer!"). Much of this stuff sits in cupboards or goes in the bin, yet valuable materials and time went into creating them. This irks Sonja.

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