As Programme Assistant, Cat supports our retail team to deliver engaging and effective energy and waste efficiency in stores.

She was inspired to take action on climate change while working with local anti-fracking groups; witnessing the front line consequences of our continued energy demands. She later joined the UK Youth Climate Coalition, to get her teeth stuck into debates ranging from corporate fossil fuel divestment, to diversity and intersectionality within the climate movement. 

Prior to joining Global Action Plan, Cat completed her degree in Geography at the University of Leeds, where she had easy access to long walks and the great pubs of the Yorkshire Dales.

GAP’s mission takes a look at the value experiences  - rather than things - can bring. What does Cat most like doing in her free time?

Cat enjoys getting competitive on the netball court and exploring the city by foot by long distance running.

What inspires Cat about GAP’s mission?

That it values community-led change, showing individuals and organisations the power they possess to become more sustainable.