Adriana nurtures new ideas at Global Action Plan, helping them blossom into fully-fledged programmes and campaigns by crafting messaging and exploring collaboration opportunities for them.

Her journey at Global Action Plan began in 2014 as Programme Officer, helping people in schools, hospitals and businesses navigate the murky waters of change for energy, water, and travel habits. Her knowledge of behaviour change practice combined with her big picture thinking have become invaluable to the team.

An English language teacher in France and Vietnam for a few years, Adriana jumped into the non-profit community for the Center for Community Initiatives and Environment in Vietnam and more recently for Hackney food waste entrepreneurs Rejuce, where a burning commitment to conscious consumption took hold. She holds a degree from University of Exeter in International Relations and French and a Master’s degree with distinction in Environment, Politics and Globalisation from King’s College London.

Global Action Plan’s mission takes a look at the value experiences, rather than things, can bring. What does Adriana like doing in her free time?

Adriana can be found kicking a ball around with friends on a sunlit day or about town with her camera.

What inspires Adriana about Global Action Plan’s mission?

That through grassroots action we are tackling the elephant in the sustainable development room: excessive consumption.