Sonja’s aim in life is to show that the sustainable choice is the better choice, rather than the “green” one. With a background in psychology, she specialises in the design of behaviour change programmes that reduce environmental impact. Recent programmes include Water Explorer – a schools programme engaging over 60,000 students in 11 countries and UK’s Greenest Grocer – an internal energy efficiency programme that is saving Sainsbury’s supermarkets £millions and 000sTCO2 every year.

As Managing Partner, Sonja is focused on scaling Global Action Plan’s profile and impact. Intent on closing the gap between research and practice, she founded a Behaviour Change working group with four universities and has authored papers on employee environmental behaviour.

Prior to joining GAP Sonja set up a behaviour change unit for a carbon consultancy and held a number of roles at an Energy company delivering global HSE training, environmental communications, change management and GHG reduction projects.

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