Ranjita Rajan founded the Karta Initiative to improve access to excellent higher education for the underprivileged from developing countries.  Ranjita started her career as a macroeconomist in Uganda’s Ministry of Finance, negotiating financing with the IMF for “structural adjustment” programmes.  She has worked with policy-makers in Africa, South Asia and Europe, and spent several years as a management consultant in Montreal and London with McKinsey & Company. Most recently, Ranjita worked with the Dean of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government, from start-up to delivery stages. Ranjita completed her postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics. She has worked in French and Spanish, and understands German and Bengali. She has co-authored publications on structuring international financing to support development of emerging economies, and is currently collaborating with UCL economists to research the social mobility impact of higher education financing.