Katherine supports Global Action Plan’s corporate partners to put behaviour change theory into action to reduce their carbon, waste and consumption footprints. From nudging Sainsbury’s employees to pull down fridge nightblinds and channel any surplus food to charities, to showing Londoners how to reduce their exposure to air pollution, Katherine has delivered projects across a whole spectrum of sustainable development themes since she joined as a Programme Assistant in 2013.

Katherine enjoyed a childhood bursting with the colours, scents and sounds of outdoor pursuits and has always taken her inspiration from nature. She graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Biological Sciences and a desire for influencing people to protect the natural world. Before Global Action Plan, Katherine gained valuable experience working at the National Trust, DAI, and TUI Travel where she was able to pursue her passions of skiing – and getting other people skiing - in the French Alps.

Global Action Plan’s mission takes a look at the value experiences - rather than things - can bring. What does Katherine like doing in her free time?
You will most likely find Katherine mountain biking and skiing.

What inspires Katherine about Global Action Plan’s mission?
The pursuit of justice for the people and animals most affected by the negative environmental and social impacts of our materialistic society.