Amber enjoys her role supporting the schools programme at GAP. Her responsibilities range from delivering workshops in schools, to coordinating with international delivery partners for our Water Explorer programme, and producing monthly progress reports for it.

Having grown up in Hong Kong, Amber was fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature reserves: offering her lots of opportunities to spend time outdoors. As she became increasingly aware of the environmental problems that the territory faces, however, Amber became eager to tackle these issues at their root cause and protect her natural surroundings. 

Prior to joining GAP, Amber completed a Master’s degree with distinction in Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Bristol. She also spent time working as a research assistant, focusing on the market for new green technologies.

GAP’s mission takes a look at the value experiences, rather than things, can bring. What does Amber like doing in her free time?

Amber loves finding new places to walk around.

What inspires Amber about GAP’s mission?

Helping young people to feel empowered to take control of their future and tackle consumption.