As a Change Coordinator, Abi works in our schools and creative teams. She focusses her time on delivering our exciting schools programmes, such as Water Explorer, managing our social media channels and writing content for the Global Action Plan website.

After studying Geography at university, Abi joined Global Action Plan in 2014 and has since worked on a variety of programmes with schools, hospitals and businesses as a Programme Assistant and Programme Officer. She also leads our Green Team; running projects to make sure we’re ‘walking the talk’ and our office is as sustainable as it can be.

Dedicated to inspiring the next generation to live happier, more conscious lives, Abi also runs a Girlguiding group and volunteers as a Marketing and Communications advisor for Girlguiding Anglia.

Global Action Plan’s mission takes a look at the value experiences - rather than things - can bring. What does Abi like doing in her free time?

Abi loves hiking and exploring local green spaces.

What inspires Abi about Global Action Plan’s mission?

Helping young people realise that happiness isn’t about what you own, but about who you are and what you do.

Find her on Twitter @abiialdridge or LinkedIn