On January 11th we give our stage to some of the most respected leaders in business today to explore the rift between business and society. With a growing recognition that most “CSR” strategies have failed, we ask if a new generation of connected leaders are starting to treat society as a critical stakeholder.

We’ll begin with a speech from Lord Browne, the former CEO of BP and author of “Connect”. With the help of McKinsey research, John will argue that 30% of corporate value is now shaped by society, and that CSR has become a dangerous smokescreen. Volkswagen is the poster child for this risk.

John will be joined by three leaders for a conversation with Axel Threlfall. Helena Morrissey is the CEO of a major UK fund manager, and believes the financial community is sleepwalking into an environmental crisis. Sacha Romanovitch is the new CEO of Grant Thornton UK, and is regarded by many as a next generation leader. Tommy Stadlen is a tech entrepreneur who is putting purpose at the heart of his business.

We’ll cover issues such are;

  • What evidence is there of a growing rift between business and society?
  • Do short-term investors have undue influence over the system?
  • Who are the new connected leaders and what are they doing differently?
  • Should business leaders have a public position on societal issues?
  • Would we be better off if CSR teams were disbanded?
  • What does an effective “social intrapreneur” look like?

You might ask if this is all so obvious, why are there not more connected leaders? This is a great opportunity for executives in strategy, finance, operational and marketing roles to consider how they can help to integrate society into their decision-making.

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