Give fun, not stuff

James Wallman, author of Stuffocation shares with us why he’s giving experiences rather than things this Christmas.Read more

Asking for what you want at Christmas

As a December baby, I get all of my birthday and Christmas presents in the same month. This generally means I'm left with a box full of stuff I'd have never asked for, never wanted, and will never use. And it’s not just me...Read more

Learning to love lunch breaks

In this blog post, Programme Assistants Alec and Amber talk about the importance of taking breaks and how they're working to break our bad lunchtime habits.Read more

Youth Day 2017

On International Youth Day, Digital Marketing Coordinator Abi Aldridge talks about why we're working with young people to tackle our throwaway culture - and why we think young people are incredible.Read more

Read Dom's blog

Dom Meeks is a member of the first ever GAP Youth Panel and talks about his experience joining the groupRead more

The UK can lead in fuel cells to clean urban air, with Birmingham at the fore

Dr Michaela Kendall, Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham, writes a guest post for us on the relationship between people and vehicle air pollution.Read more

Diesel scrappage scheme – but what about the subsidised polluters?

Professor Toby Peters, Professor in Cold Economy at the University of Birmingham, writes a guest blog for Global Action Plan about the subsidised refrigeration vehicles contributing to the air pollution in our cities.Read more

People declare end of the road for diesel as sales slump 20%?

As new figures suggest a decline in diesel car purchases, Chris Large shares his thoughts on what this could mean for air pollution, and for the future of diesel.Read more

Air pollution : A Mum's eye view

Global Action Plan’s Larissa Lockwood has been working on health and environment issues for over 15 years and when she joined the team setting up the UK’s first National Clean Air Day (after having her second child), her work suddenly became very personal.Read more

Our H₂O Heroes Winners Journey

In this guest blog about H₂O Heroes, Ellie-Rose, one of the students from Trinity School writes about their water-saving work and achievements.Read more