Dom Meeks is a member of the first ever GAP Youth Panel and talks about his experience joining the group

A few months ago I came along to a youth focus group session at GAP. I was feeling rather apprehensive and originally wasn’t that keen on coming, especially as I didn’t know what it would contain.

By the end of the evening, though, my feelings towards the group had changed completely. The session was extremely productive with a clear drive and ambition as we discussed views and methods on how we could engage young people with issues such as climate change and tackling our throwaway society.

A nice surprise

The initial awkwardness of being strangers disappeared quickly, and as we began discussing global issues, I realised I’d discovered a large number of people just like me. This made me feel comfortable discussing my views on topical issues - something I just don't find possible at school. Participating in this group allowed me to not feel judged or embarrassed when sharing my views on the issues I care about in our changing world.

The GAP youth panel offers young people with an interest in the environment the opportunity to express and share ideas with other like-minded people. This gives young people the chance to create serious, social and environmental change by working together and collaborating on ideas and creating effective plans of action.  

Great and supportive environment

I find that at school I don’t always share my ideas as I don’t feel that there’s anyone else there who would care like I do about red meat consumption or air pollution, so I rarely discuss these opinions. I believed that there was no one else whom I could have discussed these issues with in my community and I know I’m not the only one who has felt that way -  however this scheme allows you to discover others who think just like you.

There is a great and supportive environment in the youth panel, which I feel builds confidence in discussion and ideas - I don’t feel like this when I’m speaking in different social situations, such as school, so the Youth Panel is a really special environment.


Join the Youth Panel!

The youth panel can become a hugely important asset for GAP’s mission, as our ideas will allow GAP to understand what it would take for people our age to be stimulated into action. Joining this group would be hugely beneficial not only to GAP but to you too, as it creates an impressive asset on your CV which display valuable skills such as leadership, campaigning and negotiation that will make you stand out in applications.

I believe that the GAP youth panel will allow young people to experience and utilise the benefit of meeting with like-minded people on a regular basis. This is an extremely exciting opportunity for people like us to create serious, positive change in the world that we live in.

Is this an opportunity you’re willing to miss out on?

Register your interest in joining the Global Action Plan Youth Panel here.